Exciting Times! New Product Packaging Confirmed!

Mar 09 , 2019

Exciting Times! New Product Packaging Confirmed!

Here at Harvey Cooper Official Skin Care we have now confirmed our maple leaf skin care box package. Details will still need to be added however are happy with the progress so far.

Want to know more about our Maple leaf Anti Ageing Face Cream?

Harvey Cooper Luxury Maple Leaf Daily Face Cream Benefits 

    • Regenerates skin cells
    • Prevents wrinkles forming 
    • Tightens skin
    • Reduces sign of ageing
    • hydrates the skin
    • Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive & dry skin
    • The luxury skin care cream, offering a lifting and smoothing result
    • Leaves skin fresh
    • Boosts natural oils  
    • Improves skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness
    • Leaves skin with a glow
    • Leaves skin feeling soft

The Cream:

Our Box Design so far:

Our Luxurious Maple Leaf Skin Care will be back in stock soon.

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